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After having quitted his job as a banker and having founded the first Internet start-up that will serve retirees on a global scale, Tanju Köksalözkan took a horizon tour in his thoughts at the beginning of 2008 and while imagining the world in 2050, he envisioned that there would be a large contingent of retirees. When he looked at the present situation, he realized that thereis not enough considerable factors to meet retirees’ needs according to their limited budget capabilities and expectations in service sectors, and in fact, they were dramatically neglected. Afterwards, he first wrote a letter as a “world citizen” to the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon on May 15, 2008, where he voiced his wish and its reasons that there should be an international“retirees’ day,” where the needs and expectations of retirees would be considered and understood with empathy. He received a notice about this issue from the UN within a month. Right after having returned to banking, Tanju Köksalözkan had to wait before he could take the next steps.

Years after this letter, this entrepreneur discovered that the Commercial Aviation, Hotel Accomodation & Hospitality and Entertainment Industries operated more than 700 million below capacity (seats & beds/overnight stays and tables/chairs) and that the retirees, who had relatively few scheduling problems compared to others but could only act on a limited budged, could fill these empty/available seats, beds and tables/chairs between 14:00 and 18:00 at a min. 30% discount during the week, and 72/48 hour advance notification in the international/domestic flights & Hotel Accomodation business. He created an amazingly practical and efficient setup with the business model, which could mutually satisfy both the suppliers and the customers, and built a win-win business model that could solve the excess capacity problem. He presented a Business Plan Executive Summary, along with his proposal to establish a “Retirees’ Day,” first to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, and Barack Obama, the President of USA; and also to Robert Romasco, the President of the Association of American Retired Persons (AARP); Moses Znaimer, the President of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP); Bernard Lord, the President of the Australian Retired Persons Association; Anne Sophie Parent, the General Secretary of AGE Platform Europe; Kazım Ergün, the President of the Retired Persons Association of Turkey (TUED); Yıldız Tengiz, the President of the Platform for Retired Bankers’ Associations alongside certain large suppliers.

This is how the Initiative (Moduler Inovasyon Turizm ve Bilisim Hizmetleri A.S.) was born.

This narrow path, which has broken for every retiree in the world, will, without doubt, become a service highway by 2050 with the contribution of various initiatives... Thus, the missing ring in the horizon tour of 2050 will be completed.


Our priority is to share the Business Initiative and the proposal to establish a “Retirees’ Day,” which could earn a place in the UN event calendar, with every accessible retiree association and platform and to draw the suppliers’ attention to the needs of retirees’ and the unmatched potential of for everyone involved; since offering retirees a worldwide service, beginning with a business start-up from Istanbul with some local service suppliers and well known brands and then the Aviation Alliances (Star Alliance, OneWorld, SkyTeam) and hotel chains, and presenting these options with rich content on the website rests, first and foremost, by raising the number of members at the portal to a significant figure.

After the number of members is high enough to be economically significant in terms of international and local suppliers ,without doubt, filling and valorizing empty/available capacities (seats/beds/tables/chairs) and allocating other opportunities offered on the portal to retirees with minimum 30% price advantages, will be an eminently reachable goal for the business model.


The Initiative aims swiftly to market and sell over the Internet with a 72/48 hour advance booking and at a minimum 30% discount to the retirees who live in developed and developing countries and have few schedule constraints when participating in activities the number (of seats; beds/overnight stays) that each service needs in order to fill the excess capacity that amounts to more than 700 million (seats; beds/overnight stays) every year and is perpetually present except for the high seasons (September 1-May 30). The goal is to meet the retirees’ (retired or people above 65) expectation to travel and lodge within budget and to improve upon the enormous excess capacity problem that the suppliers are suffering with win win business model.

In order that the potential customer base of over 800 million (550 million/65+ year-olds in the world and 250 million/retirees in the world whom are age 65- especially in developing countries) may enjoy urban activities as well as restaurants, cafes, pubs, cinemas, gyms and beauty salons in their locality that become vacant as a part of the natural rhythm of the city between 14:00-18:00 on week days at a min. 30% discount, the Initiative will also announce, advertise and book these locations for this time period.


In order to join our site as an “active member,” it is sufficient that you are either over 65 years old or are a retiree of the “Baby Boomer/1946-64” generation; since only active members may benefit from the products and services on offer.

If you meet one of the two criteria, you can join by leaving us your e-mail address. Membership cards bearing our logo and certifying age or retired status will be sent to our members via cargo. Our card will be valid at every affiliated supplier in the world.


Our customer base of retirees and/or seniors (65+) will be able to afford to buy services that can, over time, potentially be offered in every part of the world, in measure of the growth of our membership numbers, the involvement of the 3 Aviation Alliances and hotel chains in the system being the most important step.

At the first stage, our service offerings will be under the following headings;

(i.e., the services under these headings are on offer at a 30-70% price advantage on our website)

Airline Travel (foreign/domestic flights 72/48 hours prior to flight)
Hotel Lodging (foreign/domestic reservations 72/48 hours prior to check-in)
Dining & Refreshments (14:00-18:00 weekdays)
Gym & Fitness (14:00-18:00 weekdays)
SPA & Beauty Salon/Hairdresser (14:00-18:00 weekdays)
Entertainment & Activities (14:00-18:00 weekdays)

Movie theaters (14:00-18:00 weekdays)
Courier/Food Delivery (14:00-18:00 weekdays)
Special Medical Services
House Swaps/Rental Summer Houses among the members


The Issues of Business Project and an int. Day for Retirees recognized by the UN

Turkish AirlinesJuly, 12 2011
EtohumDecember, 30 2011
MITEF TurkeyJanuary, 27 2012
Istanbul Development AgencyMay, 2 2012
Ministry for EU Affairs - Istanbul BranchMay, 5 2012
TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Counsil of Turkey) - Mr. Phd. Yücel AltunbaşakMay, 8 2012
Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry - Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoğanMay, 9 2012
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications - Mr. Minister Binali YıldırımMay, 9 2012
KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization)May, 10 2012
ITU, the Rector (Istanbul Technical University)May, 10 2012
President of TÜBITAKMay, 10 2012
TÜBİTAK, the Coordinator of Bilateral CooperationsMay, 10 2012
Chairman of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Mr. Süleyman KaramanMay, 11 2012
TÜBITAK EUREKA Project Unit - Mr. Aziz KoruMay, 14 2012
TAV Aero (On Behalf of Air France/Sky Team)May, 15 2012
Chairman of TUED (Turkish Retired Persons Association) - Mr. Kazım Ergün May, 16 2012
ISEMDER (Is Bankasi Retired Persons Association) - Chairman Mr. Süleyman ErbayMay, 17 2012
AKEMDER (Akbank Retired Persons Assc., on behalf of the Platform) - Mrs. Yıldız TengizMay, 18 2012
Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology - Mr. Minister Nihat ErgünMay, 22 2012
Age Platform Europe - Anne Sophie Parent (Secretary General)May, 24 2012
The AARP (Amarican Association of Retired Persons) - Mr. Chairman Robert RomascoMay, 28 2012
The CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) - Mr. Chairman Moses ZnaimerMay, 29 2012
President of the United States - Mr. President Barack ObamaMay, 30 2012
STAR ALLIANCE - Mr. CEO Mark SchwabMay, 30 2012
The ARPA (Australian Retired Persons Association) - Mr. Chairman Bernard Lord June, 5 2012
Air France/KLM (on behalf of SkyTeam) CEO Jean Cyril SpinettaSept, 4 2012
British Airways (on behalf of OneWorld) CEO Keith WilliamsSept, 4 2012
TUROFED (Turkish Hoteliers Federation) President Mr. Osman AyıkSept, 4 2012
TUROB (Touristic Hotels & Investors Association) President Mr. Timur BayındırSept, 4 2012
IH-RA (International Hotel & Restaurant Association) President Mr. Ghassan AidiSept, 4 2012
HOTREC (Hotel Restaurant and Caffe Association) President Mr. Kent NyströmSept, 4 2012
IATA (International Air Transport Association) - CEO Mr. Tony TylerSept, 4 2012